Where to claim lottery prizes in New Jersey

If you have won a lottery payout in New Jersey for $599.50 or less then you can claim your winnings from any lottery retailer in the state. If you have won over this amount then you will need to download the below claim form and post it to the address below that

Download the lottery claim form here and mail it to:

New Jersey Lottery
Attn: Validations
P.O Box 041
NJ 08625-0041

We strongly advise that you sign the back of your ticket and make a copy of both sides before posting, just to make sure you have proof of ownership should your ticket go missing in transit. This happens very, very rarely, but it can happen and you need to make sure you are covered. If your ticket has won a substantially large payout and you don’t feel comfortable posting the ticket in anyway then please visit the headquarters below in person.

Lawrence Park Complex
1333 Brunswick Avenue Circle
NJ 08648

All prizes are valid for 1 year after the draw date, after which they cannot be claimed and will expire. If you have submitted a claim via post then it will take roughly 3 weeks for this money to be sent to you.